Always On Program Information

Always On program means that the community can continue to play games, hunt for rewards, earn money, as well as perform all operations in the game even after the Beta Testnet event has ended.

To support users' experience and earning in pre-mainnet , Epic War decided to offer a testnet in-game token which is named $KEP. $KEP only runs on the testnet chain and will be converted to EWAR when mainnet is officially released.

Read more at What is “$KEP”?


PvE - Free To Play To Earn (Available on PC & Mobile)

Boss Fight is a real-time tactical survival PvE mode with real-time combat.

  • City disaster (Normal level)

  • Planet disaster (Hard level)

  • Universe disaster (Super Hardcore level)

Reward will be calculated according to the following table:



4 $KEP


-0 $KEP

Note: This means that you can completely make money from PvE matches, because even if you lose, you wouldn’t lost any token.

PvP - Team battles (Available on PC)

Epic War PvP is team battle modes in which players fight against each other in an arena filled with weapons, shields. In PvP mode, players need a certain amount of $KEP to bet in the game.

Betting range for every single PvP match: 0 - 10 $KEP

  • PvP: 2vs2

  • PvP: 3vs3

Reward will be calculated according to the following table:



Receive 80% of total bets amount


Lost all bets


There are 3 ways to earn $KEP and bet directly in this program:

1. Battle in PvE & PvP mode

*Note: In PvE game mode, players can join any battle without any initial payment.

2. Get more points - Earn more $KEP (Portal activities)

To receive points, players need to do these activities below on Epic War portal: Entry tasks Daily tasks Friend referral

3. Daily quest (in-game activity)

Check in daily to earn $KEP by playing at least 01 match


Conversion rate: 1 point = 1 $KEP

Terms and conditions:

Active referred friend: is an active referee that completes at least 10 points for entry tasks and daily tasks on the Epic War system after sign-up.

Entry tasks: As soon as the user logs into the system, the user will have to complete these tasks to be processed to the next step.

  • 01 point: Follow @the_epic_war on Twitter

  • 01 point: Join Telegram @EpicWar Official Community

  • 01 point: Join Telegram @Epicwar — Announcement Channel

  • 01 point: Join Epic War Discord Channel

  • 01 point: Join Epic War Beta Test Discord Channel

  • 01 point: Follow Epic War — TikTok channel

  • 01 point: Subscribe EpicWar.Official on Youtube

  • 01 point: Like Epic War.official on Facebook

  • 01 point: Visit Website Epic War Official

  • 01 point: Join group Facebook

Daily tasks: After completing Entry tasks, every day the user will have to complete different fixed tasks.


Step 1

Create an account and sign in to the Epic War portal

Step 2

Get your referral code.

Step 3

Send the referral code to invite your friends. You will get 05 points for each active referred friend. Click the "Dashboard" to check your total earned points.

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